About me

As from a very young age I loved it to be creative. From drawing, to creating my own earrings. I discovered painting with colorful oil paint and designed posters as a volunteer. The biggest things I created when I was young are the wall paintings I made.

When I was 20 years old I went to study at the Art school for several years. As there was not a lot of work in graphic design I was specialized in, I ended up in different jobs, mostly in IT. The creative part of me is never far away though.

Ten years ago I started drawing again, and found the joy back in it. Later on I discovered mosaics, a great way to express myself in a colorful way. My freestyle drawings could be created in mosaic too.


When I saw someone selling all sorts of felted items I fell in love with felt. You can buy lots of different colors in wool and it triggered me on creating 3D shapes in the style of my drawings.

blue felted sculpture

When I travel or take a walk in nature I love to take photographs from all different landscapes. I love nature a lot, and there is so much beauty to see.

Iceberg lagoon at Jokulsarlon Iceland

Oh, and don’t forget the animals, I love to see them and take lots of pictures of them.

Monkeys in the zoo

Enjoy watching my creativity and feel free to send me a reaction.