Art to wear & art to love

Use your appearance to be yourself, this is what I feel everyone should be able to do. What you wear is a expression of how you feel and what kind of person you are.

I love to create lots of different things with recycled denim and animal friendly produced wool and felt. On this site I share my work with you, I hope you enjoy watching my creativity.

Felted flower brooches

Felted flower brooches is what I created from wool first after viewing an example. My creative mind has a lot of variations and is never finished.

Bags and purses

Inspired by other fashion designers I learned to appreciate denim as material to work with. It is durable and reusable and a great combination with felt. For example a bag to carry your phone can be a statement and very useful at the same time.


A dress with denim details, lace and little felted flowers. A unique piece, there is only one. I love to create nice details in my work so you can watch it like a work of art.

Felt sculptures

My free form felt art is colorful and is all hand felted. it is a way to express myself in a free form and also put a story into my work.